Best Buddies

By Marin Caiola, Staff Reporter

Prospect Hill-Kindergarten buddies is a program that has been going on for 5 years for the fifth graders. Its a very special event, especially for the kindergartners, because they know that they have someone to look up to in the building. The fifth graders teach the kindergartners many things like reading, coding on the computers, and different ways to draw. I interviewed some of the kindergarten teachers  to see what they had to say about the buddy system. Kindergarten teacher Mrs.Geller answered the question, “Do you think Kindergarten buddies is an important experience for the Kindergarten and why?” She answered, “Yes because it adds a special experience for the Kindergarten because it makes them feel special to have an older student to take care of them. I think the buddy system is very special and I cant wait to experience more with them.”