Señorita Gobbo

By Nicholas Arakas, staff reporter

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Prospect-This year at Prospect, the second and third graders are fortunate to be participating in a new Spanish program. Señorita Gobbo teaches the FLES (foreign language early start) program to the students several times a week. The students are immersed in the language by doing activities, singing songs and using visuals. They are also learning about cultural similarities and differences.

Señorita Gobbo is very enthusiastic about teaching Spanish. “When I was a child the thought of being able to speak another language other than English was fascinating. As a teenager, I babysat for many families, discovered my passion for working with children and decided I wanted to become a teacher one day. During college and for my masters degree I studied abroad in several Spanish speaking countries which solidified my decision to become a Spanish teacher. Being an elementary Spanish teacher combines my love of the Spanish language and culture with my passion for teaching young children.”

She really enjoys teaching here in Prospect! She said,¨It is very enjoyable. Everyone is very welcoming. The parents have embraced the FLES program and me with open arms. Lastly, the students are a joy to teach and very excited to learn Spanish.¨
I really hope that they continue this program because the 2nd and 3rd grade are really enjoying it.