Junior League of Pelham services Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Service Fair

By Stella Winter, staff reporter

Pelham-On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Junior League of Pelham held their first event honoring Dr. King by having 16 of Pelham’s productive organizations at the Pelham Art Center. The organizations at the service fair included The Danny Fund, Project Community (the Color Run organization), The Heart of Pelham and The Pelham Civic Association.These organizations told people how they have helped Pelham and how others can help as well. That’s why this event happened. It was an opportunity for people to find their own place in these community projects.

“Over the past few years there had been some people asking in our community Facebook group what local volunteer opportunities there were and what people could do for the day,” Amy Rios wrote.  “The Junior League of Pelham wanted to do something in honor of Martin Luther King Day and were leaving it up to us to determine what it would be.”

Stacy Gatto, the JLP Provisional Class Co-Chair added on to what Amy Rios said by saying, “It’s been observed, that in our community, many people have been actively searching for ways to participate in this day of service. It seemed that the major barrier is often just not knowing where to start and how to become involved. Our fair hosted 16 local non-profit organizations. These organizations all came prepared with specific volunteer opportunities that individuals and families could sign up for. These opportunities will take place over the course of 2018.

At the fair, the organizations not only told people about their organizations, but they also encouraged children to follow their big dreams, even while they are kids. In the back rooms of the art center, the kids and volunteers that came to the event, connected over a table of arts and crafts.As you can see, these progressive organizations are very inspirational. You can see why the Junior League chose these organizations to come to the Art Center; they are perfect for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.