Glaciers, and why we miss them

By Theo R., staff reporter

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Have you ever heard of global warming? Global warming is when heat gets stored in gases and melts glaciers. All living things are harmed by it. This is why we try to prevent it.

A place to start is to help stop gas and oil pollution. Did you  know, one school bus can carry 60 kids. That’s 15 cars! So if the bus if available, do not drive your own car.  More people should carpool to work and school to cut down on gasoline use and emissions. You could even switch to a hybrid car like a Toyota Prius or a Chevrolet Volt.

Another way to prevent global warming is to use reusable items. For example when you pack a snack or lunch, use a lunch box instead of a paper bag. You can also buy an aluminum water bottle and reuse it instead of a plastic ones that end up in the trash. One of the best ways to save is to save energy. A way to do this is to use solar panels which save a lot.

If we try to follow these suggestions we will all be rewarded with a cleaner, healthier environment.