14th Annual Talent Show Finally Sweeps In

By Stella C. WInter, Staff Reporter

Prospect Hill–On Wednesday night, the final night of the Prospect Hill Talent Show swept into the auditorium, leaving everybody wanting more when the final curtain dropped. Last Thursday, the first spectacular part of the Talent Show was performed to the audience! Last week there was a snow day, postponing part of the talent show for a week and so there was almost a week’s distance from each section.

On Thursday, the show had started off with the “Fab 5”, (the girls being Gabby Lauretani, Samantha Elliot, Marin Caiola, Charlotte Marion and Dakota Shanley) who danced to meet their name’s meaning. They wore awesome outfits of gold, which glinted in the stage lights while they danced across the stage. The audience was treated to comedy, dancing, singing and more! They even took a virtual trip to Madison Square Garden while two fourth graders treated the audience to “ice” hockey on the stage.

Prospect Hill really knows how to make itself proud. Every year the fifth grade dances to a song that is choreographed by some awesome fifth grade mom volunteer. This year the “Fifth Grade Finale” was dancing along to the hit song “Feel It Still”. Two parents went to every rehearsal and helped the fifth graders learn their moves. The “Fifth Grade Finale” wouldn’t have been possible without Sylvia Arakas or Joanne Gambone!¬†Prospect isn’t just saying goodbye to its fifth graders. They’re also saying farewell to Mrs. Amy Middleton, who’s been one of the Talent Show’s directors for many years.

Last Wednesday, the show opened up with the “Lightning Ladies”, Libby Ammirati and Georgianna Jean Reynolds dancing along to “Thunder”. This spectacular night continued on with talented singers, magnificent piano players and hilarious comedians. One act was especially amazing. A vocally talented girl named Catherine Lyons was singing the song “A Million Dreams” in a beautiful silver suit while her friend Maya Tanaka was dancing ballet gracefully to the song across the stage for several minutes.

“It was amazing!” exclaimed an ecstatic fifth grader, Julianna Riviello.