UH-OH! We used up all our snow days!

By Gianluca Polenzani, Staff Reporter

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Don’t panic. Don’t scream. Keep calm. SCREAM ON THE INSIDE! Yes, we used up all our snow days. Schools are allowed 4 snow days a year, and you can guess what yesterday was. “It’s insane, and I think we should be able to have ten snow days allowed a year!” Nick Arakas of 5S said in a huff,

“Me too!” Stella Winter of 5G chimed in. “It’s outrageous!”

And now, some schools are actually losing some of their spring break. “I honestly don’t care. I’m fine,” Joey Rella of 4C said. On the other hand, Colin Montano is worried that we will have more snow before spring break and we will lose a Friday off of spring break. We are very lucky that Thursday, March 22 school was not cancelled. That would result in us losing Friday off of spring break. Yesterday also called off the annual Wednesday Talent Show, but we are grateful we had time to fit in Wednesday’s show today. We hope there will be know more snowed-out days this year.