Fortnite Is Taking Over The World

By Colin M./Joey R.

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On July 27, 2017 it seemed like a normal day but nobody knew that the world would change. Fortnite was released to the world with one mode or option called Save the World! The mode was not that popular and it flew under the radar. But on November 7th the game would receive a huge boost in popularity when the new Battle Royale mode was released. Unlike the other $20 version, this one is free. You can get it for Xbox, PS4 and PC with cross play which means that all players can play with each other inviting everyone to play the new game.

In the game there are 100 players and a big map. Your goal is to find “supplies.” To start the game you are in a flying bus and you can “fly” out of it and travel to a place on the map.  You can play by yourself or with your friends online. The game has received positive reviews for its good  design, concept and strategy skills. Fortnite is taking over the world. Do you play?