March For Our Lives in NYC

By Stella Winter, Staff Reporter

MANHATTAN—On March 24th, Saturday morning, people from all over the New York City area, including Pelham came to Central Park to protest the lack of gun control. They were there in protest of the lack of regulation that caused  upset in Florida.

“I came here today because I want this nation to be safer and our children to be safer by having safer gun laws.” Melissa Labonte, a Pelham resident said.

Most of the protesters marched from West 77th street to about West 45th street while they chanted. Some people thought up of very clever chants.

One example of a chant made up by Pelham elementary school students was: “USA not NRA. When NRA goes away, USA will say ‘Hooray!’”

A group of six elementary school students got interviewed by NBC because of the chants that they were leading that everybody else was following.

“I came here to protest against gun violence so that the law can change,” said Theo Romaniuk, 9.

Alessandra Biaggi, a candidate for State Senator for District 34 said: “I’m here to support all the children that have turned out today because they are braver than our elected officials. I’m here today because I believe that New York State should be one of the leading states in the country that has gun laws and gun protections for our children.”

While marching, protesters came across buildings owned by people that they were against. When they passed a building owned by Donald Trump, the marchers expressed that they didn’t like what Trump is doing to their country. Many people yelled, “Shame on you,” over and over again while other people cursed at the building. The reaction was similar when they came across the FOX News station. “FOX News is fake news. FOX News is fake news.”

When the candidate for State Senate got asked what she wanted changed, this was her answer: “Everything. I want to see more young peoples’ stepping up to run for office I want more young peoples’ voices being taken seriously by our elected officials. And if those elected don’t take voices of young people seriously, then we need to vote them out. I’m running for office, I’m running for State Senate and hopefully what I’ll be doing next is representing the 34th district in the State Senate.”

“I think there’s a lot of things wrong with our current gun laws and the fact that there’s no regulation means that people who shouldn’t get guns are getting guns,” said Melissa Labonte.

Alessandra Biaggi said some news possibly unknown by people.

“I believe that the personal sale of guns should have age restrictions. Right now, in New York, there is no age limit for personal sale of guns. Which means that somebody 14 years old can get a gun from a private sale at somebody’s home, which is very alarming and very scary.” Alessandra Biaggi said. “And there are 2 sellers in Pelham and that’s important for people to know and one of our hardware stores. Yes that’s important for people to know that sells guns. And I think Pelham being a place that is Democratic and Republican, this is not a bipartisan issue, this is an issue about keeping our children safe and we have to put people and children and if these people don’t cooperate, we have to vote them out.”

But many people disagree with the fact that other people think that no one outside of the military should have guns. For example, people think that registered people with a gun license in the country where they hunt should have guns available to them. People who think that no one outside the military should have guns don’t necessarily have anything against guns themselves.

“What do I have against guns? Well it’s not like I have something against guns, but I do believe that there should be protections. For example, there is no reason why automatic weapons should be available to anybody outside of the military. That’s absolutely unacceptable,” said Alessandra Biaggi.

That day, President Trump banned some guns, but people still aren’t satisfied. They want more regulations; that’s why they marched.

Amy Guenzel said, “I think it’s crazy. I think there should more rules for guns then there are for driving.”