24 Tournament

Siwanoy-This year’s 24 club has come and gone in a blink of an eye. This past week six students from each elementary school traveled to Siwanoy to compete in a 24 tournament.  Marin Caiola, Jeremy Tam, Maddox Moxham, Catherine Hearle, William Parisi, and Brandon DeRogatis represented Prospect in the competition.  24 is a game where you must use a combination of 4 numbers using any operation to make 24. In the competition 4 students get one 24 card and the first to solve it, won that round.  Unfortunately Prospect lost to Siwanoy but one of Prospect students, Jeremy Tam, went to the semi-finals. These students had lots of fun and worked hard during this time. Thank You Miss Alix for running the Prospect 24 Club !!!