Philipsburg Manor

By Joey Rella, staff reporter

Sleepy Hollow-Last Monday the 4th grade went to Philipsburg Manor once a thriving farming, milling, and trading center originally owned by the Philipses, a family of Anglo-Dutch merchants. It was really fun.  This trip was part of the Colonial unit.  When the fourth graders arrived they were taken to the 300 year old manor house,  to learn about the farm and how it operated. After they went to the medicine house and our tour guide taught us about how they made medicine in the old times. Then they went back to the manor house and saw the farm’s cat Ginger. There they threshed the wheat and headed to the slave garden and house and learned how the slaves lived and how they did SOO MUCH WORK. Lastly the students went to the mill and saw how the water powered wheel fueled the mill. Fourth grader Reeve Murrell said, “It was okay. It was not the best but I feel like the slave part was cool and I learned a lot.” So if you are interested in learning about life in the past, visit Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, New York.