Prospect Hill Garden Of Good Manners

By Savannah Moxham, Staff reporter

Prospect Hill- The Prospect Hill students are taking on a new challenge for the school-wide kindness theme. The Site-Based Council has suggested a new challenge, the Garden Of Good Manners, to Prospect’s Habit of Mind team.

Everybody in the school received a calendar filled with good manners. You have from the middle of march to the end of April. Some good manners you can demonstrate are, “Give someone a compliment” or you can “Say please and thank you” and you can ask somebody “How was your day?”

When your teacher sees you do any of the acts of good manners your teacher can send you into the main hall and you find the act you did then you use a bingo dot painter and make a dot on the flower that goes with the manner you did.

Are you wondering what else the site base team and the habits of mind team have done? The Site Based team has also helped with the kindness chain and buying games that everybody can play at indoor recess.

Have you shown good manners recently?