Fourth Graders Sail to the Hudson River Museum

By Savannah Moxem, Claire Reed, staff reporters

Yonkers-On Tuesday, March 26, 2019 the Prospect Hill fourth graders traveled to the Hudson River Museum as part of their study of New York’s geography and Native Americans. While at the museum, the students took a tour and saw a dugout canoe that showed how the Native Americans traveled along the Hudson River. They also saw a tulip tree. The wood of the tulip tree is strong and was used to make canoes.

The students also looked at 3D and 2D maps of the Hudson River. After they made paper maps of the Hudson River using paper, tissue paper, glue, markers and pencils. Right after lunch, the students visited the planetarium. The viewed the sky and saw Pluto, the dwarf planet, and the 81 moons of Jupiter. They also talked about the possibility of life on other planets. “The planetarium was spectacular,” exclaimed a fourth grader.

If you want to go to the museum, it’s open Wednesday to Sunday 12-5. It’s really a great trip.