The Friendship Bench Rocking A Spring Themed Makeover

By Savannah Moxham, Staff reporter

Prospect- On April 24th and 25th the friendship bench got a makeover! Some creative fourth graders decided to fill it with dandelions. Two fourth graders, Carina and Danielle, decided to decorate the bench when one dandelion randomly fell into a hole in the bench. They thought it looked pretty so they got other people to join in. With the help of 3rd and 2nd graders they finished what the 4th graders started, but when they came back on the next day, sadly it was destroyed.

The next day they started all over and they finished it in 25 minutes and even did a beautiful border! Grace Ferreri says ” It was truly beautiful.” The friendship bench is a place on the lower playground where kids can go sit and others can join them.