By Emerson Jerabek, Staff Reporter

Prospect – The top floor needs AIR CONDITIONING! The warmer weather is coming and most classes do NOT have air conditioning. But the top floor needs it most. All the hot air rises up, so all the hot air rises up to the top floor where many, many classes are. No one wants to waste water because children are filling there water bottles 5 times a day!

As Joe Rella, 5th grader, said “It’s absolutely disgusting. It’s hard to work and I’m constantly fanning myself.” Another, 5th grader, Colin Montano says, “It’s terrible. Its hard to work especially right in September, and June.”And Julianne Torina explains, “It’s hard to work, and makes me sluggish.” As you can see every person says, “It’s hard to work.” and isn’t that the main purpose of school?

I know you may be thinking this is very very expensive, and it is, but there other ways to solve this problem. For instance, we can get fans. They are way less money and work almost as well as air conditioning. Or we could get a few standing portable air conditioner. That is another way to keep cool during warm, hot school months. All the kids say it’s hard to work, so that is why we need a source of cool air!!!