Steam day

Prospect Hill- The steam day fair took place last Friday and the whole school participated. The 5th grade made devices out of recycled materials. Multiple 5G kids made games. Here is what one of the game makers had to say, “I think it was fun and very popular and it’s important to help the environment by recycling.” They made a basketball game which is known for being very difficult. The 4th grade made cars and other vehicles. They also explored plants. They tested different types of experiments with air, sunlight, water, and soil. The 3rd grade showed off their knowledge of the rain forest. They made terrariums to show ecosystems and demonstrated the importance of the rain forest and plant and animal adaptations The 2nd grade showed plant and animal interdependence. They showed how animals dispersed seeds. The 1st grade studied biomimcry which is about adapting structures from nature.For example, the idea for velcro came from burrs. The Kindergartners studied ladybugs and there life cycle, body parts and their habitats. The Steam Day was amazing and shows just how creative the Prospect students are.