Why do we Celebrate Chinese New Year?

By aly, Chinese new year

Pelham-Why do we celebrate Chinese New Year?

The reason why we celebrate Chinese New Year is to scare away 年[nian]. Long long ago in China, 年 [nian] would always come out at the end of the year. Everyone who tried to scare away 年 only lost their life.

One year, an old man asked everyone to offer him some food. But everyone ignored him until he came to an old woman’s house. She offered him some food. When she offered him some food, he said to the old woman, “Can you please give me a place to stay?” But the old woman said, “No please leave.¨ He kept on asking and the old woman kept on saying the same answer. He even said, “I will scare away 年for you,” but she still said the same answer.

Finally, when 年 arrived she had no choice and just let him in. 年 noticed something different. He saw lights. He ran where the lights were and 年saw red paper around the old woman´s house. Later 年 decided to charge in the front door. He heard a really loud noise that made him so scared that he just ran away. Later, the old woman told the neighbors how she scared away 年. Then that story got spread around China.

So that’s why we celebrate Chinese New Year. Thanks for reading.