There Should be a Children’s Author Section in the Library

By JP, Staff reporter JP

Prospect-There should be a children’s author section in the library. If you think that is nuts then tune in and be ready for a big read. I’VE been writing for a long time and I thought in Prospect Hill there should be a CHILDREN’S AUTHOR SECTION. Well, it would be cool to see your writing in the school library.

My two inspirations were Mrs. Kayser, and Matt. Well, Matt first he showed me storyjumper. Storyjumper is a website where your limit is your imagination. You write your own books. Then Mrs. Kayser from learning from Mrs. Kayser, about writing technique and inspiring me to do my best. From Matt and Mrs. Kayser I made a book called The Kings Knight. And now I’m making a series, and now I’m on the 3rd book, and if you still think it’s crazy then get ready for the next part.

The next reason is kids would be happy to see their work in the school library. Like me I would be very very happy, and other good writers in all grades would be happy in their own way.

I really hope you agree with what I think that Prospect Hill will have a future Children’s author section in the Prospect library.