We Need Air Conditioning at Prospect Hill

By Owen M

Prospect-Can you imagine our school with air conditioning? Well, I can and I think it would be great. One reason is that the classrooms get really hot ,another reason is cooler air makes you focused ,and my last reason is because students can have health concerns that get worse with the heat.

In physical education class is gets really hot. The windows let the sun shine down on you and you are running around which makes you even hotter, But if we had air conditioning we could be cool while doing the same exact things.

Also when you are in class and its a really hot day, you are sweating and you can’t focus on your work. But that wouldn’t happen if we had air conditioning. When you’re not sweating you can concentrate on your work better and not think about how hot you are.

My last reason why we need air conditioning is because some people have health concerns where they cant get too hot in the building.Classrooms need air conditioning because if they get too hot they can have problems such as seizures, dehydration, and headaches. If kids have health concerns, they will need to go to the nurse and not be in their classrooms learning.

Classrooms need air conditioning because they get really hot, cooler air makes you focus better, and lastly some people have health problems that the heat can make worse. That is why we need air conditioning.