Pelham Public Library

By Samantha Elliott, Staff Reporter

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When you think of a library you mostly think of books so the Pelham Public Library is just another building filled to the brim with books, right? Wrong! The Pelham Public Library is a wonderful, friendly, and learning filled environment. A bunch of kids go there every day after school since it is conveniently located near the Pelham Middle and High School. Even I go there once a week. Some things the library has is: the pre-school collection in the back, the adults section, movies that you can rent, stuffed animals, books you can buy, magazines, computers, story time, and of course… books! Some of the new books are Dories Cookies, Heart Stone, Get Well Soon, Victoria, Anatomy Of a Song, and Painting Central Park. On the front desk they even have little stickers for children!

I even got to interview a worker there named Lillian Hecker or more commonly known as Library Lilly. Lillian has been working here for almost 20 years now. She enjoys the book “Secret Garden” by Frances Burnett. Since Lillian was a teacher for about 30 years she is a great help when it comes to helping people find the right book. Lillian said, “I just love helping people find the right book.” So now that you’ve read this article, go ask your parents about getting a library card I’m positive that they will say “Yes”.

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