Some Cool Toys For Kids

By Jeremy Tam

Do you remember when kids used to play with Matchbox toy cars? Now they actually are driving them. These remote controlled ride-on cars can be $100 dollars and be as expensive as $500 dollars. You can buy hundreds of Matchbox toy cars with that money! It really gives you a snapshot of what people are willing to buy to entertain their children. In my opinion, I would think it would be dangerous to ride something like that. Another example of a cool toy is the Rubix Cube.  It has been around for a long time, but I love it and I am able to solve it. But now it is not just the Rubix Cube. It is the Megaminx which is the 12 sided cube and the 4x6x9 cube. My last example of a cool toy is the Fidget Spinner. It is the new rage. If you have not seen one, then search for it online. It is a spinning toy for kids with problems focusing. But for most kids, they are really just a cool toy. Make sure to stay tuned in for more content.