Athletes Helping Athletes

By Stella Winter, staff reporter

PELHAM MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL—On May 11, the awesome event,Athletes Helping Athletes, was held. Elementary school kids from all over the district came to the Pelham Middle School to play sports. A lot of middle school and high school students volunteered to supervise and play with the elementary school students. One volunteer says why she loves volunteering.

“It’s fun to help the kids out. You get to play the sports, too,” says Grace Colkin, 11. “[It’s fun] meeting the kids and getting to hang out with them.”

Two people, Madison and Benjy Schneider, created this. They really enjoy it and they each have their own reasons for enjoying it.

“It’s fun! And it’s not just me,” says Madison Schneider, 11. “Other people enjoy it, too.”

Benjy and Madison had a huge inspiration that made them create Athletes Helping Athletes. Benjy Schneider explained what inspired him and his sister into creating the event.

“Daniel, who was our neighbor,” said Benjy Schneider, 13. “We moved away and a couple of years ago we found out he couldn’t do Pelham Sports so we created this.”

Daniel Avolio loves the event. It started in June 2016. He couldn’t participate in Pelham sports because of the fact he had autism. The leagues didn’t have any specialized staff to help children with special needs.   So, of course, he loved the event called Athletes Helping Athletes. He expresses why he likes it so much.

“[It’s] awesome!” said Daniel Avolio, 10.