Saving the Rain Forest One Sweet at a Time

By Jolie Morselli, Nancianne Reynolds, Mia Ritossa, staff reporters

Prospect Hill School

Jolie Morselli, Nancianne Reynolds, and Mia Ritossa held a fundraiser at the peak of Prospect Hill’s upper playground on June 1st to raise awareness about rainforest destruction. At the fundraiser they sold lemonade, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, candy, and held a raffle for an emoji fidget spinner to raise extra money for rainforest animals.

In school they have been learning what threatens the rainforest, the animals and plants that thrive there, and the importance of it. They chose the fundraiser as a project because they wanted others to learn as much as they have learned.

The end of the bake sale was very surprising. All the brownies were gone, the person who put 5 tickets in the raffle won. Jolie Morselli’s neighbor Jackson Tippel won the emoji spinner, and in the end the 3 girls ended up with $144.00.“The rainforest produces 20% of Earth’s oxygen. If it gets destroyed, you will too,”said Jolie Morselli

“People don’t care that most plants and trees are being cut down. There can be cures for diseases in the plants that are in the plants that are being destroyed not found yet,” said Nancianne Reynolds.

“Save it or lose it. 40-50 million acres of the rainforest are lost each year,” said Mia Ritossa.

With the money they earned, they adopted a virtual couatimundi , tapir and emperor tamarin from the World Wildlife Fund. At the fundraiser Marin Kiola donated $5 without taking anything.  She said, “I thought it would be nice for you guys to adopt an animal from the rainforest.” If you would like to adopt an animal go to