Open Letter to Mr. Giarrizzo Requesting a Spelling Bee

By Stella C. WInter, Staff Reporter

Dear Mr. Giarrizzo,

I am a fourth grade student at Prospect Hill in Mrs. Cirillo’s class. You know how the Middle School, High School and Hutchinson have their spelling bees? I wrote because we should have a district wide spelling bee.

Spelling bees are both educational and fun. When you spell a word wrong, you learn from your mistake. That’s why I don’t know why we don’t have one yet. We want a spelling bee. We need a spelling bee. It would be fun to compete with knowledge of the spelling of words in the Middle or High School Gym.

I know that these are your last weeks of being superintendent of the Pelham schools, but it would be great for you to create a district wide spelling bee. Many of us have never been in a spelling bee. Please can you create a Pelham spelling bee.



Stella Winter