Listening is Biggest Goal For Prospect’s New Principal

Listening is Biggest Goal For Prospects New Principal

By Stella Winter, Staff reporter

Prospect Hill has a new principal, Mrs. Jeannine Carr. The students like her a lot.

“I like her; she’s nice. She’s not strict and but she’s soft and her voice is really pretty and I like how she really is,” said second grader Tess Youngren.

Mrs. Carr has some goals for the school year that she wants to accomplish.

“So since I’m new, my biggest goal for the school year is to be a really good listener, to learn a lot about Prospect Hill because it’s a great school, and to continue to think about ways we can continue to be great,” she explained. “So some of my initial goals, based on some conversations I’ve had with teachers and parents, are to continue developing in the area of 21st century learning, and to continue our knowledge in working with students, really educating the whole child, working with children’s social/emotional as well as their academic needs.”

Mrs. Carr used to be an assistant principal for eleven years, so she has a lot of experience. She was the assistant principal of roughly six hundred children, grades K-2.  She said that it was the kind of district that had one elementary school. Each grade had about 10 classes, covering the whole district’s students.

“So I worked at the Pelham Children’s Center and then I started to work for the Board of Education as a general education teacher,” said Mrs. Carr. “I was a Special Education teacher, I then became an administrator I was titled an instructional support specialist region one in the Bronx. So yes, I worked at Special Education then I became an assistant principal in South Orange Town for eleven years as their assistant principal.”

She shared some personal likes as a person. “Oh, goodness! I love the beach, that’s like my most favorite. I have a son named Hudson, who’s three and also loves the beach, and we spent the summer in Hawaii and we spent a lot of time on the beach in Larchmont, where we live. And I also love to snowboard. So I don’t know if I favor one over the other, but I tend to go to the beach more than I go snowboard because my son is too young to snowboard. So right now I’m at a time in my life where I’m spending more time on the beach. Hopefully when he gets a little older, we have a nice balance of beach and mountains.”

Mrs. Carr shared what she thinks of the staff, The staff. So many things! When I started, a lot of people here told me that the staff is really like a family and they really are. They look out for each other, they’ve looked out for me, they’re really vested in the community work and they value it. They spent a lot of their own time in the summer coming in and sharing their different roles with me and the things they value about Prospect Hill, so I know that it means a lot to them. They are a very supportive staff, so I’m lucky, and they are like a family.”

At the Open House for grades K-2, she expressed how she felt about her students.

“The kids? Everything! Another change for me coming to Pelham is my previous school, where I was for eleven years, its just kindergarten to second grade. So I have to say I am truly, truly enjoying getting to see children, as they are a little older. So I’m enjoying my time with the third, fourth and fifth graders, getting to know them and the curriculum. So that’s been a really nice change for me. And the kids, they come in with a great energy and I enjoy it. I just really enjoy it.”