Fifth Grade Field Trip To Jazz At Lincoln Center

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Señorita Gobbo
January 25, 2018
Fifth Grade Field Trip To Jazz At Lincoln Center

On 11/17/17, the fifth graders went on a field trip to Jazz At Lincoln Center! Mr. Eric Katz, Prospect’s music teacher, organized this wonderful experience for the fifth graders. They went to Manhattan by bus at 8:15 and were there by 9:30. The performance was dedicated to Benny Goodman and his band. The show ended around 11:00 and the students came back for an at school lunch.

They started and ended the show with the song “Sing, Sing, Sing.” It was an awesome way to get us ready in the beginning and leave us feeling relaxed at the end. There was also a teacher there on the stage who told us about Benny Goodman’s life. Benny Goodman, an American clarinetist, and bandleader was known as the “King of Swing.” It was awesome because two of the people from Benny Goodman’s band were there!

Close to the end of the show, the fifth graders started a wave that went with the music. The performers also got the audience involved by playing freeze dance for a few minutes.

In conclusion, the Prospect Hill fifth graders really enjoyed the show and learned a lot about jazz.