State Test Opinions

State Test Opinions

April 25, 2018

March For Our Lives in NYC

By Stella Winter, Staff Reporter

March 26, 2018

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MANHATTAN—On March 24th, Saturday morning, people from all over the New York City area, including Pelham came to Central Park to protest the lack of gun control. They were there in protest of the lack of regulation that cause...

Eli Benched! Coach and GM Gone!

By James Meehan

December 5, 2017

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                                Eli=BENCHED Ben McAdoo benched Eli Manning and started backup quarterback Geno Smith! It was so sad to see a 2 time Super Bowl winning champ on the sidelines. I really am shock...

Too Much Screen Time?

By Jeremy Tam, Staff reporter

December 4, 2017

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In this holiday season with new gaming consoles coming out, one of the biggest subjects is too much screen time for kids. Most studies are saying that too much screen time can affect your vision and how social you are. I think...

A Great Smoky Mountain Vacation

By matthew prisco, reportor

June 17, 2017

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   Have you ever seen an elk or did you ever see a black bear? Well if not,  I  think a trip to the Smoky Mountains is for you (summer and fall are the most popular times to go). There are many different sections in the pa...

Open Letter to Mr. Giarrizzo Requesting a Spelling Bee

By Stella C. WInter, Staff Reporter

June 17, 2017

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Dear Mr. Giarrizzo, I am a fourth grade student at Prospect Hill in Mrs. Cirillo’s class. You know how the Middle School, High School and Hutchinson have their spelling bees? I wrote because we should have a district wide...

Some Cool Toys For Kids

By Jeremy Tam

May 5, 2017

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Do you remember when kids used to play with Matchbox toy cars? Now they actually are driving them. These remote controlled ride-on cars can be $100 dollars and be as expensive as $500 dollars. You can buy hundreds of Matchbox...