2017-2018 Staff

Donato Giuseppi


Hi, my name is Donato and I'm a fourth grade student at Prospect Hill. Hockey and baseball are my favorite sports. I am very good at drawing and writing. This is my first year as a Lion Times reporter and I love it.

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James Meehan

staff reporter

My name is James Meehan and I'm in fourth grade. I love writing stories and reporting about things that are happening. This is my first year writing for the Lion Times.

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Marin Caiola

Staff Reporter

Hi! My name is Marin Caiola. I am 10 years old and I am a fifth grader in Mrs. Stein's class. Some of my favorite things to do are play sports.  I play soccer, basketball, and lacrosse and I also love playing with family and...

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Edith Strommen

staff reporter

Hi my name is Edith Strommen. I am 9 and in fourth grade. I was excited to hear about the Lion Times because this is my first year . I also like to play basketball,soccer and do gymnastics.I like to write and illustrate my own fic...

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Jeremy Tam


Hi my name is Jeremy Tam I am in 5th grade and my teacher is Mr.  Zweig. My favorite sports are football and tennis. My favorite football team is the Denver Broncos. My favorite subject by far is math because it can be really...

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adrian winter

staff reporter

Hi! My name is Adrian.  I am in class 4Z and am 9 years old. I was born on April 9th. I like to play football with my neighbors. My favorite sport is baseball. I used to live in Brazil with my sister, mom and dad but I was born...

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Matthew Kayser

staff reporter

My name is Matthew Kayser. This is my second year writing for Prospect Hill Lion Times. I also wrote articles in News Of Pelham. My favorite thing to do is to play soccer for my team, FC Westchester. I am the 2007 pre-academy...

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Cararose Vitale

Staff Reporter

Hi! I'm Cararose Vitale. This is my first year as a staff reporter. I am a fifth grader in Ms. Galloway's class. I love to read, write, play soccer, and climb trees. My favorite book series is "Keeper Of The Lost Cities" by Shannon...

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Mia Ritossa

Staff Reporter

Hello! My name is Mia Ritossa and I am in 4C. My favorite thing to do is sports! I play soccer, basketball,and, baseball. I enjoy watching football, soccer, and baseball. I love to travel, I am in love with pandas, and I can't...

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Nicholas Arakas


Hi! My name is Nicholas Shark Arakas. I love to sing and dance and have fun with my friends. In my previous school my friends and I  made a weekly newspaper for my class. The name of the paper was 4-429 Awesome News. I really...

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Hannah Engram

staff reporter

Hi! My name is Hannah I am 10 years old and in Fourth Grade. I love to read and write and am so excited to report for the Lion Times. During my free time I love to do gymnastics, ice skate, play soccer, and bake with my friends...

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Katie Connolly

Staff Reporter

Hi my name is Katie Connolly. I'm in Mr. Zweig's  5th grade class. I love to write articles, bake cakes and cupcakes, draw, and read mostly Warriors by Eric Hunter.  I'm also SUPER excited to be apart of the Lion Times.

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Gianluca M Polenzani

Staff Reporter

Hi! I am Gianluca Polenzani, and I have been a staff reporter on Prospect Lion Times since last year. I am 11 years old , and I am in Ms. Galloway's 5th grade class. I love music, especially piano, singing, and I am horrible at...

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Samantha Elliott


Hi my name is Samantha Elliott! I am in 5th grade and I am in Mrs. Stein's class. I enjoy playing with my dog, Ginger and I love unicorns! I play fencing and soccer, but I also ski!  My all-time favorite subject in school is...

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Sarah Barsanti

Staff Reporter

Hi! My name is Sarah Barsanti.  I am 10 years old and I am in fifth grade. My favorite hobby is to play sports.  I play 7 sports.(Lacrosse year round, swimming year round, basketball, skiing, gymnastics, soccer and a little...

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Georgianna Jean

Staff reporter

Hello my name is Georgianna Jean and this is my second year writing for Prospect Hill's Lion Times! In my spare time I like to do crossfit , play basketball, dance, and write for our Lion Times online news! I'm participating...

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Stella Winter

Staff Reporter

Hi! I'm Stella Winter and I'm eleven and in fifth grade! I love to write stories. Sometimes I just like to pick up a pen and write down whatever I feel like writing.  Anyway, I like to write a lot of things. I write for the News...

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